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"The majority of my clients have entrusted me with their financial lives for decades.  Many of them have referred family and friends.  Some have given testimonials. I am so honored and grateful, as these are all the highest compliments to my work."

Michele Richter, CPA

Tax Preparation and Tax Planning

Federal and State tax return preparation


Specialty in individuals and small businesses -

LLC's, corporations, partnerships, non-profits

Tax planning, projections and analysis to minimize tax liabilities over time

Available year round for inquiries and consultations via email, phone, in-person office visit or virtual visit (Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype)


“Michele translates taxes and explains the numbers.  I know what I'm signing.  I'm saving on my tax returns and saving for my future, but Michele helps me balance that with my needs now.  Seeing all the sides is crucial.  We've done "what if" scenarios for years.  I kept my safety net then, and now I have one for the future."

-Clinical Programmer

 Client since 1996

"I have been working with Michele for 20 years now.  She is an exceptional accountant and tax preparer with tremendous attention to detail, knowledge of the tax codes, mastery of the software tools, and work ethic.  Michele consistently goes above and beyond to assure everything is correct and that we are properly informed/advised.  Michele is the best accountant/tax preparer I have ever worked with and I can't recommend her enough."

-Telecomm Sales Engineer

 Client since 1998

Small Business

Accounting and Advisory Services

Owner and Management Consulting for

all business entities

Accounting and Bookkeeping Assistance

Profit Analysis and Strategic Planning

Training and Setup in Quickbooks/Quicken

“Through the years, Michele has helped me negotiate business debt, buy-out my partner, save taxes, and purchase a beach house.  Her summaries and recommendations to make my decisions easier are vital to get me back to my priorities--my patients and caring for my mom.  Michele does her taxes too.”

- Critical Care Pulmonary Physician

  Client since 2001

"Our trusted financial watchdog--responsive and protective.  Michele has seen us through building our medical practice and eventually merging with a large medical supergroup.  She transitioned us from manual bookkeeping to Quickbooks.  The tasks we used to dread, like bank reconciliations, are now done in minutes.  She advised us on our profit-sharing plan for our business and our own retirement.  Michele is very thorough in handling the small details, but always keeps our big picture in focus."

-Gastroenterologist & Billing Manager

 Corporate & Individual Client since 2008

Financial Life Consultations

Income/Expense Analysis and Budgeting


Savings goals and funding exploration - 

retirement, college, major purchases

Life Balance/Transitions Coaching

Assistance for conversion of big sky dreams to actionable step-by-step plans


"With two businesses and two college-age children, demands on our time and money are both high.  Michele understands and helps us weigh financial vs. time savings to make choices, but she pinpoints the emotional part of those decisions.  The human stuff.  She is part life coach and cheerleader when we're going down new paths or facing struggles.  We value health and balance in our careers.  Knowing Michele shares our values gives us great comfort in her as our CPA and advisor."

- Psychologist, Wellness/Yoga Practice Owner

 -Client since 2011

“You can tell Michele enjoys educating.  She listens.  Whenever changes happen, in either our business or personal finances,  I know who to call.  Our lives are changing for retirement now.  We're glad Michele remains a constant, integral part of our financial team.”

-Truck Courier Service Owner & Semi-Retired Manager
Corporate and Individual Client Since 2000

 Free Initial Consultation

Michele offers a free initial consultation for individuals and businesses for tax, accounting, and financial advisory services.  Please call 908-369-8494 or click below to email and schedule an appointment.

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